Sample Tribal Court Orders & Instructions

When issuing an Order, the Tribal Court should do so in writing.  This promotes clarity and fairness to all parties involved, and creates a record for the Court's decision.  Below are sample Tribal Court Orders and Instructions organized by subject matter to help guide the development process.  Each Court should ensure that their Orders meet the requirements set out in the Tribe's Tribal Code.  

Adoptions (See the separate Adoptions page)

Child in Need of Aid (CINA)

Sample Emergency Custody Order (coming soon)
Sample Order Following Review Hearing (coming soon)
Sample Order (coming soon)


Final Custody Order
Final Custody Order (Fillable PDF)

Child Support

Child Support Order
Child Support Order (Fillable PDF)

Domestic Violence

Tribal Domestic Violence Order Judge's Guide

Sample Tribal Domestic Violence Orders
Sample Emergency (Ex Parte) Order 
Template: Emergency (Ex Parte) Order (Fillable PDF)
Sample Long Term Order 
Template: Long Term Order (Fillable PDF)

Search and Seizure

Tribal Search and Seizure Fact Sheet
Sample Tribal Court Warrant